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How I chose the vegan lifestyle

       I became a vegetarian when I saw a short film about what is the dog’s life like in the Far East. The most people consider unacceptable to abuse and eat dogs, because in the western civilization dogs are pets, therapy dogs, and the dog is Man’s best friend. But in the Far East usually in the countryside dogs aren’t a respected and loved house pets. At a notorious festival a man gave an interview in which he told that the far Easterners have eaten dog’s meat for hundreds of years, and the dogs and pigs are almost the same in their opinion. And then he asked a question: in western civilization what about the cows, pigs, chicken etc.? According to him we do the same here with the other animals, and it’s just our problem that we don’t understand that the dogs aren’t house pets there. I thought about again and I realized that he is right, if I don’t eat my dogs, I won’t eat any other animals. The world is changing there slowly, but more and more people think about dogs are clever and cute pets. But without animals’ rights it’s very difficult to stop these festivals or the fur and leather industry.

      Shortly thereafter I chose to be a vegan, because I was very interested in what’s going on in our world and I read many articles what is the treatment like in the meat, dairy or fur industries. Many people say that this is the circle of life, and these animals are livestocks, they are born to eat and use them. Of course these people have never seen a video in this topic, even they look away, but if they were aware of how it’s made I’m sure that the majority would change their life and habits.

      If I don’t need proteins of animal origin to live a healthy life, why does any animal suffer because of me? Neither I don’t need leather clothing, nor cosmetics which are tested on animals. It’s not definitely too sensitivity it’s rationality. Fortunately nowadays there are many cruelty free vegan products in foods, cosmetics, and also you can dress fashionably.

      So if you have a well-created vegan diet, you will have the same energy level and you will be healthier than ever.

A vegan owner of three mini rabbits and two vegan dogs.