Banana ice cream with nuts, puffed buckwheat and goji berry

Can a dessert be a nutrious breakfast too? Absolutely yes! In the morning you need carbohydrate what you get from the banana, puffed buckwheat and goji berry and beside these you eat good fats and protein from the nuts, so you will definitely have the energy to start your day well. 🙂


2 person


cca. 5-10 minutes



3 ripe bananas
30 g walnut
30 g almond
40 g goji berry
3-4 tablespoon puffed buckwheat


Place the ripe and sliced bananas into the freezer overnight. In the morning take out the bananas of the freezer and blend them in a food processor or in a high speed blender.

When I made it at the first time, I couldn’t believe my eyes that after a couple minutes of blending it became a smooth, creamy almost white ice cream.

Put a small amount of banana ice cream into the glasses’ bottoms then sprinkle them with crushed almond, walnut, goji berry and puffed buckwheat.

Then top them with the remaining ice cream and sprinkle with goji berry and puffed buckwheat.

Enjoy it! 🙂

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