Carob and nut bon bons with candied orange peel

Carob is an alternativ to chocolate with many health benefits like rich in fibre and antioxidants, gluten-, and caffeinefree and contains low amount of fat and sugar. Combine with nuts and dried fruits it will be a healthy and full of taste dessert. 🙂


cca. 36 pieces





100 g almond
100 g hazelnut
100 g walnut
10 pieces of dates (the smaller type, if you use king or medjool date I think cca. 6 pieces will be enough)
4 tablespoon carob powder
5 tablespoon candied orange peel
5 tablespoon plant based milk


Blend the nuts in food processor, our blender is more stronger than our food processor so I prefer to use this one… Cut the dates in smaller pieces and add them, the candied orange peel and the plant based milk to the nuts and mix them well.

Here we are after the blending, shape mini balls (bon bons) from the mixture and cover them with carob powder if you like it.

Keep them in the fridge, they’re tiny as a bon bon but full of taste and nutrients because of the nuts and the carob. Enjoy them!


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