Veggie burger with chickpeas and white beans

You can tell about us that we love burgers, we always think of a newer, little different ingredients, so here is another good burger recipe, we hope you’ll like it too! 🙂 SERVES 5-6 person (12-13 veggie burgers) PREPARATION cca. 20-30 minutes (don’t forget you have to soak the white beans and chickpeas previous night) […]

Red lentil veggie burger with steak potatoes and corn salad

You can make veggie patties from any legumes and veggies just find something which can stick together the ingredients. In this case chickpea flour does it, but you can also use ground oatmeal. SERVES 2-3 person (8 veggie burgers) PREPARATION cca. 15-20 minutes (don’t forget you have to soak the black beans the previous night) COOKING cca. […]

Mini veggie burgers

You don’t have to give up to eat a yummy burger just because you’re vegan. SERVES 3-4 person (9 mini burger) PREPARATION cca. 15-20 minutes COOKING cca. 15 minutes INGREDIENTS 50 gr dry soya granules 100 gr oat flakes, chopped 100 gr bean, pressed (I used canellini tinned beans) 1 medium onion 2 cloves of garlic, grated […]