Easy Mexican penne

Easy and really quick one-pan dish, ideal for the busy weekdays or if you don’t want to cook all weekend 🙂


4-6 person


cca. 5-10 minutes


cca. 10-15 minutes


1 medium onion
3 cloves of garlic
2-3 pieces of peperoncino (it depends how hot you like it)
1 can white bean (net weight 240 g)
1 can sweet corn (net weight 285 g)
500 g tomato puree
250 g penne pasta
2,5-3 heaped teaspoon mexican spice mix (we used quesadilla spice mix)
500 ml water
1/2 bell pepper (yellow or green)

to garnish the dish
3 pieces of pepperoni (we used sweet)
cilantro or parsley


Prepare the ingredients: dice the onion, grate the garlic cloves, crush the peperoncino, cut the bell pepper in small cubes, prepare the mexican spice, the tomato puree and the penne pasta, pour the water off from the bean and corn’s can. Cook the onion until translucent then add the garlic and peperoncino and cook them for 1-2 minutes,

then add the mexican spice mix and cook them for a further minute,

then add the tomato puree, bell pepper and

the pasta and add water (500 ml) and let it simmer at low-medium heat until the pasta will be al dente. During the pasta is cooking stir it sometimes.

The pasta will absorb the water then the whole become a creamy one-pan dish.

Garnish with pepperoni slices and cilantro or parsley. Good appetite! 🙂

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