Spicy chickpea loaf with creamy mushroom filling

This veggie loaf made of chickpea and there is a delicious mushroom cream in the middle ideal to serve with potato puree or with┬áduchess potatoes. SERVES 6-8 person PREPARATION cca. 15-20 minutes COOKING cca. 50-55 minutes INGREDIENTS 500 g mushroom 3 cloves of garlic 200 ml coconut milk (premium quality, thick) or rice cream, almond […]

Mushroom risotto with a hint of lemon zest

Risotto is also a classic dish what you have to try in vegan version. SERVES 4 person PREPARATION cca. 5-10┬áminutes COOKING cca. 30┬áminutes INGREDIENTS 1 medium onion 2-3 cloves of garlic 150 gr risotto rice 400-500┬áml strongly flavoured vegetable stock (it depends on how quickly absorbe the stock and will be tender the rice) 50┬áml […]