Beer battered fried cauliflower with oven baked potatoes

Simple and delicious veggie dish, the cooking doesn’t take much time and thanks to the beer batter you’ll get the crunchiest fried cauliflower. 🙂 SERVES 2-4 person PREPARATION cca. 15 minutes COOKING cca. 30-35 minutes INGREDIENTS 1 kg potato 1 big cauliflower 125 g whole wheat flour 300 ml beer (vegan friendly) salt oil salad […]

Hot and sweet grilled veggies with creamy hummus dip

With a delicious spicy sauce grilled veggies will never be boring. You can serve with rice, or just lettuce and a good hummus dip. 🙂 SERVES 2 person PREPARATION cca. 35 minutes (including the rest) COOKING cca. 25-30 minutes or until golden brown INGREDIENTS 4 medium sized potato 4 medium sized carrot 2 zucchinis 1/2 […]